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Virgin Islands Snorkeling

Virgin Islands Snorkeling

The Virgin Islands are an archipelago of islands located in the Caribbean Sea. They are divided into the U.S. Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands. On the island of St. John, Leinster Bay offers crystal waters and calm conditions with no lack of sea life. On the same island, Haulover Bay has rougher waters but offers the rewards of dramatic sea walls and many nooks containing interesting sea life. A snorkeling trail at St. John’s Trunk Bay adds to the educational experience of snorkeling in the Virgin Islands. Showers on the beach and lifeguards make this a convenient and safe location. The island of St. Croix has several great Virgin Islands snorkeling spots. Cane Bay is one of the best found here with a steep sea wall dropping into the ocean depths and some excellent coral formations. Off of St. Croix is Buck Island, where the waters surrounding are filled with over 250 species of fish in addition to sponges, corals and other sea life.

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