Snorkeling through the Freezing Water of the Artic- shattering world records and raising awareness for Global Warming.

There’s some pretty extreme ways that you can snorkel. While we usually prefer tropical sun and cute

fish, Susan R. Eaton and her group are preparing for a 3000km relay through the once-frozen Antartic

Penisula. In an effort to improve public knowledge of the “global melt now underway” this women-only

group plans to shatter a world record over the course of its 100 day expedition.

“It’s not just a world record” Eaton is quick to note “It’s not just about climate change. It’s about

connecting with people of the North and hearing their stories about climate change, ocean change and

how it’s impacting them today.”

Far from the freezing North, we’ll follow the story from here.

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